The Washington State Legislature’s 2022 short session is in full swing, and the Center of Excellence is tracking bills across education, manufacturing, aviation, and workforce. Here’s what’s moving so far:

HB 1805 Opportunity Scholarship: The House College and Workforce Development Committee held a hearing on January 17th. Hearing materials.

HB 1536 Establishing regional apprenticeship programs through educational service districts The House Committee on Education is set to hold a public hearing January 21st at 10 am.

SB 5600 Sustainability and expansion of state registered apprenticeship programs A public hearing was held January 13th, and an Executive Session of the Senate Committee on Labor, Commerce, & Tribal Affairs will be held January 20th.

SB 5764 Concerning apprenticeships and higher education In Senate Higher Ed & Workforce Committee, with an Executive Session set for January 20th. Committee materials are available here.

HB 1190 Fostering economic growth in Washington by supporting emerging businesses in the new space economy Reintroduced from the 2021 session, now in the House Committee on Community & Economic Development.