AFA Job Fair Helped Job Seekers Find Best Fit

In January 2019, fresh into the new year – the AFA Job Fair was held at the ShoWare Center in Kent, WA. Because there are a significant number of job openings in aerospace and space right now, as well, AFA developed this statewide Aerospace Job Fair to be responsive to industry in the here and now.

They had 1200 job seekers register for the event and 38 vendors. According to Sue Bradshaw with the Center of Excellence for Aerospace, this job fair is important for two reasons:

  1. It specifically focuses on jobs in aerospace, aerospace manufacturing, and unmanned systems.
  2. It is a great conduit for those separating from the military looking for their next career.

“An aerospace job fair is important because of the large number of job openings throughout the industry, now and in the future. For example, for military personnel that are separating, they have an opportunity to assess what jobs are available, how their military skills and training align with those job opportunities,” said Bradshaw.

Also, because Aerospace Futures Alliance partnered with WorkSource, they had companies from across Washington in attendance.
Hexcel had a booth and Kristina Hayek, Hexcel US Instructional Design and Development Manager gave Interviewing Workshops and WorkSource provided resources and free resume reviews for over 80 people.

AFA President and CEO Kelly Maloney said, “We are thrilled the Job Fair was such a success for AFA and WSSC employers, many of whom reported at least 75 percent of job seekers they interacted with were qualified for their open positions. Our goal was to be responsive to employers’ needs and to help match qualified job seekers with aerospace jobs. We are hearing that numerous offers have already been made and accepted because of the AFA Aerospace Job Fair.”

Maloney added, “AFA is engaged in workforce solutions including Core Plus, Career Connect Washington and the Aerospace Pipeline Committee–each of which seek to align academia and training with jobs in aerospace and other industries. Based on a projected 740,000 new job openings in Washington over the next 5 years–which doesn’t even include new business attraction or new programs that might be implemented in the future–creating a ready-to-work qualified workforce is critical.”