By Jennifer Ferrero, APR

Big Bend Community College LogoRecently, Dr. Patrick Ford of Big Bend Community College (Moses Lake) announced that they have become certified to teach pilot training for unmanned aerial systems.

The classes start in fall 2017 and go three quarters through spring 2018.

Classes to earn a 28-hour Certificate of Accomplishment:

Fall 2017

UMS 112 – UAS Ground School I
(5 credit hours) (on campus)
UMS 226 – UAS Remote Sensing Systems
(5 credit hours) (online)

Winter 2017

UMS 208 – UAS Mission Planning
(5 credit hours) (on campus)
UMS 210 – UAS Laws and Policies
(5 credit hours) (online)

Spring 2018

UMS 142 – UAS Flight Lab
(6 credit hours) (on campus)
UMS 107 – Part 107 Commercial UAS
Remote Pilot (2 credit hours) (on campus)

For registration information, contact Rafael Villalobos (Tel: 509.793.2198 / Email:

Download more detail:

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