Visit us at PNAA’s Annual Conference¬†

February 8 – 11

PNAAA Airshow COE Aerospace

Stop by Center of Excellence Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing and MechaWA booth at the PNAA’s Annual Aerospace Conference. Our team and partners will be available to chat with you!

Hundreds of decision makers and strategists from the world’s most influential aerospace companies attend PNAA’s Annual Conference.

With the rapidly changing aerospace industry, the landscape of aerospace will continue to alter in the months and years ahead. We will see great changes in forecasting, reliance on industry relationships and the need to make significant changes to company operations and infrastructure. This is the time to proactively prepare and set course for the next year.


  • The essentials of regaining air travel traffic
  • Adapting company operations to changing industry needs
  • The post-COVID landscape of aviation and aerospace
  • How aerospace companies plan to overcome the year ahead
  • The impact of finances and economics on the aerospace industry
  • Your opportunity in the aerospace growth segments
  • How transformative technology will change production systems