Technical Education in Rapidly Transforming

World of Aerospace and Space Travel

Mary Kaye Bredeson was the Conference Chair at ATEA’s Technical Education in Rapidly World of Aerospace and Space Travel. The conference was held October 28-29 in Las Cruces, New Mexico, home of NASA White Sands Test Facility, Army White Sands Missile Range, Spaceport American with tenant, Virgin Galactic.

Explored what it means to have a spaceport, there are now 12 in the US including Colorado and Virginia–4 with  vertical capacity have vertical launch capacity but the other 8 are “players” or plan to be be in this era of space travel and exploration.

Explored how an ecosystem is built to attract a spaceport and tenants–and keep them, Tracey Bryan, CEO and President of Bridges of Southern New Mexico is the lead presenter on how they did it and metrics to prove their success going forward.

Explored NASA’s White Sands Test Facility and White Sands Missile Range with Joe Bullington, Commercialization Manager, Jacobs Company and Director of Test Facility-co chair of the conference

Explored what it took to create collaboration within Dona Ana and with New Mexico State University to build a strong technical base to serve existing businesses and attract new such as Hapsmobile–300ft wing span drone to deliver 5G, based at Space Port America.   Leading this exploration is Joe Butler, Dean of Science, Engineering and Math Division at Dona Ana Community College.  

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