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The Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance’s annual conference, this year titled ‘Back to the Skies,’ kicked off at the Lynnwood Convention Center today. Attendees across industry came together to hear from speakers, network, and share the challenges and opportunities of the aerospace industry coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.     
The conference kicked off with good news: PNAA Board Chair Jim Lee (Tool Gauge) announced that Nikki Malcolm was made the permanent CEO/Executive Director at PNAA’s morning board meeting. The Center of Excellence looks forward to continuing our work with Ms. Malcolm and all of PNAA’s staff.                                                                    
Jon Ostrower, Editor-in-Chief of The Air Current, followed with a big picture overview of the aerospace industry. Ostrower pinpointed three categories for attendees to consider: planes, pilots and the planet. He spoke about scarcities across the categories, pointing to the need for engineers, the need for pilots, and a shortage of new freighters. Ostrower sees fragmentation in aviation energy strategies, with companies and countries engaging in a wide variety of projects and programs, all trying to tackle the challenge of greening the aviation industry.                                    
Amanda Simpson, Vice President of Research and Technology at Airbus Americas, closed out the opening session with a presentation highlighting Airbus Americas commitment to sustainability. Through slides and stories, she charted “aviation’s path towards zero emissions,” a worthy and challenging goal.