By Jennifer Ferrero
Communication Consultant

Why should people consider careers in manufacturing in Washington? In a few weeks, you’ll be able to hear from one of Washington’s best and brightest manufacturing companies as to why it’s a great career option.

The Center of Excellence is in process of producing three videos in a series:

  • Careers in manufacturing in Washington (shot at Umbra Cuscinetti, Inc. March 18, 2014) 
  • Veterans in manufacturing careers in Washington (to be shot at Altek on March 25, 2014)
  • Women in manufacturing careers in Washington (TBD) 

The videos will complete by May 2014 and will be available on our YouTube page, website, and will accompany us to educational events and trade shows. Our big picture goal? 

  • Manufacturing careers offer opportunity, good wages, interesting work and advancement! 

Here are some photos from today’s video shoot at Umbra Cuscinetti, Inc. of Everett, which is part of the Italian Umbra Group. The Everett plant manufactures parts that go into Boeing airplane wings and also conducts work in the energy sector.

Thank you to all of the wonderful people at Umbra and their willingness to be filmed today!


Jennifer and Doug preparing to interview


Nick operating a CNC type machine to grind metal parts


Katie assembling parts that go into airplane wings

bob_collet_umbra_video_shoot_march_2014Bob Collet, president with Doug, videographer during video shoot