On Wednesday, May 11th Skookum Aerospace Manufacturing opened its doors to partner organizations to meet the team and learn more about Skookum’s work. Partners toured the facility, asked questions, and had a chance to see how Skookum Aerospace operates. Center of Excellence staff made the trek down to Kent to tour Skookum’s clean, bright and modern space. 
Skookum focuses on aerospace products for defense contracts and Boeing, using tools as complex as coordinate measuring machines and 5-axis CNCs to punch presses and grinders. The company’s capabilities include precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, assembly, and kitting for aircraft assembly lines. Skookum’s focus on safety, quality, and lean principles were clear throughout the tour.
Employment Outreach Manager Carolyn Day shared that there’s more than just a focus on quality at Skookum: people matter. Skookum focuses on hiring and retaining veterans and persons with disabilities. At present, over one-third of Skookum’s employees are returning service members. 
Skookum operates in 13 states and employs over 1,400 people nationwide, with many of their contracts focused on government operations and defense. The Center of Excellence offers our sincere thanks to the team at Skookum for opening its doors and showing their exceptional work. 
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