Last week was busy for the COE. We attended the Aerospace/Manufacturing Expo in Spokane, the Governor’s Aerospace Conference in Seattle, an event entitled, “Successful Industry/Community College Partnerships,” the grand opening of the Advanced Manufacturing Training and Education Center, and most importantly, a grant award meeting at the White House!

Grand Opening of AMTEC

AMTECGrandOpening 134

Grant award ceremony – White House, Washington D.C.

Executive Director, Mary Kaye Bredeson attended this event along with the Center of Excellence for Clean Energy and Construction. The three COE’s have received a close to $10 million grant to continue to foster workforce development and growth in these areas of development managed by these COE’s. 

Successful Industry/Community College Partnerships – Bellevue, WA

Sue Bradshaw attended and gave a talk at this event. The purpose of this event was, “The HR Policy foundation workforce Development Roundtable and the Community College Workforce Consortium are bringing together senior human resource leaders from the energy, manufacturing, and technology industries to discuss the skills needed to address current and future workforce needs.  The ultimate goal of this strategy forum is to identify education and training solutions, ensure solutions are aligned with industry recognized standards and build capacity to meet industry needs today and in the near future.”


A/M Expo – Spokane, WA

Jennifer Ferrero attended this event and managed a booth. The event hosted aerospace and manufacturing companies from the greater Spokane area. The goal was to increase connections between the companies and to discover solutions for building the A/M workforce in the region. 

Governor’s Aerospace Conference, Seattle, WA

Kelsey Marinoni and Sue Bradshaw attended the annual aerospace conference led by Governor Jay Inslee. 

The 9th Annual Governor’s Summit for Aerospace, Maritime, and Medical Devices was held Sept. 30 and Oct. 1 at Comcast Arena in Everett.

The focus this year was on those three sectors and how each of them plays a large role in the area of advanced manufacturing within the state of Washington.

Here is an excerpts taken from the governor’s speech.  Please note that these are all direct quotes from the governor.

“I am pleased to see the focus of this conference expand outside of aerospace and include all of our advanced manufacturing industry.” 

Washington’s medical imaging technology industry is making a big economic impact as well, providing more than 12, 000 jobs in our state and pumping about $3.1 billion into our economy this year.”

There are 37 medical imaging technology companies in this state, and that number is expected to grow, especially with last year’s launch of Mercury Medical Technologies, a new medical device incubator housed at Lake Washington Institute of Technology.”

Lastly, the maritime sector is a growing industry that employs nearly 58,000 people directly and contributes $15.2 billion in gross business income to the state. The maritime industry shares one of the aerospace industry’s challenges, which is a workforce with many nearing retirement age that will need to be replaced in the coming years with a new generation of well-trained, highly-skilled workers. “

Earlier today, you heard from my sector leads for aerospace, maritime and life sciences.  We have experts focused on our state’s other key industries as well.  By organizing around our strengths and assigning industry leaders to focus on them, we well be better positioned to protect these essential facets of our state’s economy.”

“Today, I can tell you I’m confident in the future of the aerospace industry, and in the future of advanced manufacturing in the state of Washington.”