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This is an ongoing list of Washington’s community and technical colleges that have aerospace and advanced manufacturing programs. Each listing details credits, program descriptions, skill sets (as taught in each program), contact information, and graduation dates.

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Award Type
Short Term Certificate
Anticipated Graduates
Timm Lovitt
This in-dept course is designed to prepare the entry level machine maintenance technician with the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain, diagnose, and repair elementary hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical systems and covers industry and workplace safety awareness and practices. Students are introduced to the mechanical concepts necessary for the installation, operation, and maintenance of industrial machinery. They acquire the skills to design and interpret industrial prints and component schematics. The course also covers techniques of assembling, rigging, and installing mechanical equipment. Students learn to work with mechanical transmission devices, including procedures for installation, removal, and maintenance and have an understanding of preventive, predictive, corrective, and reliability-centered maintenance. Students study the development of a comprehensive maintenance program and how to use a computerized maintenance management system.
Skill Sets
  • Apply basic physical and mechanical principles to machinery operations and repairs.
  • Recognize, interpret, and apply engineering graphic symbols, drawing conventions, and features to assist in the design, analysis, fabrication, installation and repair of industrial systems.
  • Ensure safe work practices.
  • Safely utilize basic machine shop hand and power tools and equipment to fabricate elementary parts.
  • Basic electrical principles, measurements and system components. Basic rigging principles, components and practices.
  • Common pumps, machinery, lubrications.
  • Basic industrial shop manual, power and measurement hand tools and basic industrial shop bench and power equipment (lathes, drill presses, saws, grinders, etc.)
  • Fundamental understanding of hydraulic and pneumatic system components, recognize, diagnose failures in elementary systems, and interpret the meaning of primary hydraulic and pneumatic schematic symbols; assemble, test, and troubleshoot various basic hydraulic circuits.

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