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This is an ongoing list of Washington’s community and technical colleges that have aerospace and advanced manufacturing programs. Each listing details credits, program descriptions, skill sets (as taught in each program), contact information, and graduation dates.

Aerospace and advanced manufacturing industry companies can contact the community and technical college nearest to them and speak directly to an instructor about graduating students.

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Mechatronics - Adv. Manufacturing ATA
Award Type
08/22/19, 03/30/20
Anticipated Graduates
Ken Ackerman
Mechatronics combines the study of mechanics, electronics, pneumatics, and digital control technology with a focus on an integrated systematic approach. The Mechatronics degree includes focused studies in robotics and mechatronics systems along with cross-functional understanding of advanced manufacturing practices in composites, machining, welding, and technical design.
Skill Sets
  • Understand and explain the principal operations of the mechatronics subsystems in a complex system.
  • Understand how these subsystems work together.
  • Recognize potential or impending malfunctions, and contact expert assistance in order to keep the production line functioning, and to prevent production loss.
  • Perform routine, preventative maintenance; localize and identify causes and sources of malfunctions where possible.
  • Read and understand the technical documents, reports and outlines specific to systems and subsystems; be able to consult with experts; and be able to document malfunctions.
  • Work effectively as a team member and coordinate the activities with upstream and downstream operations.
  • Understand and implement safety regulations required for operation of the system.

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