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Mechatronics - AAT & Certification – Lakewood, WA
Award Type
03/21/19, 06/18/19, 08/30/19 and 12/11/19
Anticipated Graduates
Claire Korschinowski
Advanced Materials Manufacturing
Mechatronics is the field of engineering that focuses on the design and production of automated equipment. Mechatronics is technology combining control, computer, electrical and mechanical systems. Mechatronics systems aren’t simply a mechanical system with a microcontroller added on; a true mechatronics device successfully combines mechanical design, computers, software, and electronics in a fully functional application. Some of the most common mechatronics devices are thermostats, SLR cameras, fuel injection systems and anti-lock braking systems. Mechatronics systems form the backbone of every computer-controlled machine and sophisticated consumer product.
Skill Sets
  • Develop the skills and technical competence necessary to secure employment within a variety of advanced manufacturing industries. Our dedicated faculty with years of experience in the field guide students through concepts and disciplines using hands-on training with up-to-date industrial equipment. Students acquire work-ready, practical skills as they move towards a specialization such as robotics, agricultural automation, PLC programming, control systems, smart infrastructure, or industrial automation.
  • Develop an understanding of modern quality principles and expertise in electrical and mechanical systems. Mechatronics training will give you the skills required to work in many different engineering fields including electronic, mechanical, electrical and computer systems engineering, and project management. You might work with companies that manufacture consumer electronics like automotive vehicles, or those that design, build and service industrial equipment. You could build a career in companies focused on automation, or computer, mechanical or electrical engineering. The interdisciplinary nature of the program means you could prepare for roles as a mechatronics technician or engineer. You’ll gain experiences that cross different disciplines, preparing you for a career in a rapidly changing economy.

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