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Adv. Manufacturing - Composites Technology AAS
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James Russell
The Advanced Manufacturing - Composites Technology Degrees prepare students for the wide ranging field of composite structure fabrication and repair. Composites training is coupled with an Advanced Manufacturing core curriculum that includes instruction in non-destructive testing, metrology, computer aided design, and machining.
Occupational fields include, aerospace part manufacturing and repair, yacht and boat construction and repair, sport-related equipment fabrication, the construction of specialized automobile parts, the fabrication of construction materials, and many others. Students are prepared for these fields by learning the physical properties of advanced materials and becoming proficient in composite processing skills that include vacuum bagging, resin infusion, composite oven curing, material use data entry, material resource procurement, and clean room techniques.
Skill Sets
In this program, students will successfully acquire all knowledge and skills outlined in the certificates above.  These include but are not limited to:
  • Operate tools and equipment safely
  • Handle, store, and use advanced composite materials safely
  • Understand physical properties of various composite materials
  • Produce various types of composite structures
  • Demonstrate ability to critically assess damage and successfully repair composite structures
  • Machine composite parts and core materials
  • Non-destructively test composite parts
  • Precisely measure and document quality and fabrication process of finished composite parts
  • Program and operate CNC machinery in a composite workplace environment

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