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This is an ongoing list of Washington’s community and technical colleges that have aerospace and advanced manufacturing programs. Each listing details credits, program descriptions, skill sets (as taught in each program), contact information, and graduation dates.

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Welding AAS
Award Type
Anticipated Graduates
Jacob Jackson
This program is designed to prepare welders for jobs in manufacturing, fabrication, and construction trades. This program is comprehensive. Courses include Blueprint Reading and Layout, Metallurgy for Welders, Applied Mathematics, Shop Safety, and hands-on training in GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, FTAW, OAW, and thermal cutting. The instruction is individualized and previous experience determines a student’s starting point. A student’s motivation and ability to move through the individual objectives will determine completion time. WABO Certification is available.
Skill Sets
Graduates of the Welding program will:
  • Be able to weld in all positions (flat, horizontal, vertical, overhead) with the six basic welding processes (Oxy-acetylene, Shielded Metal Arc, Gas Metal Arc, Flux Cored Arc self shielded, Flux Cored Arc gas shielded, Gas Tungsten Arc).
  • Be capable of passing the Washington State Building Officials (WABO) welding tests in the applicable welding processes. 3. Be able to cut metals using thermal cutting processes (Oxy-acetylene, Plasma, Air Carbon Arc).
  • Have their state industrial first aid and CPR cards.
  • Know the basic fundamentals of welding processes and applications, metallurgy, and math and measurement.
  • Be able to read and interpret basic blueprints, welding symbols, and welding codes and specifications.
  • Have the communication, human relations, and leadership skills to be able to obtain and retain a welding position.
  • Have completed a resume, developed a job search plan, and will be able to present themselves at a job interview.

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