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Aerospace Composite Technician Certificate
Award Type
Short Term Certificate
08/22/19, 03/20/20
Anticipated Graduates
Michael Patching
The Aerospace Composite Technician certificate is a two-quarter program designed to prepare students to fabricate, assemble, and repair composite materials on aircraft and in the composite industry. The knowledge and skills gained through this program are those required for entry-level positions as composite technicians. The certificate also provides an opportunity for existing aircraft mechanics and service technicians to expand their education in the field of composite assembly and repair. The certificate satisfies the eligibility requirement for the IAM/Boeing Apprenticeship program for a Blue Streak Mechanic.
Skill Sets
Skills include tooling, fabrication, machining, assembly, quality assurance, repair, lay-up, vacuum bagging, and cure processing of wet lay-up, the mathematical computations and scientific principles that apply to the operation of aircraft and related equipment.               Program Outcomes: 
  • Solve technical mathematical problems (such as fiber resin ratio).
  • Learn basic hand skills for the layup of composites materials using fiberglass, carbon fiber, epoxy and polyester resin.
  • Design molds and forms for the layup of fiberglass and carbon fiber materials.
  • Build and vacuum bag composite materials for room temperature cure and oven cure materials.
  • Create projects in composite materials showing how surface energy is increased and decreased.
  • Design for producibility and manufacturing ease.
  • Document technical activities in written and verbal reports.
  • Be prepared for successful employment.

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