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Composites Manufacturing Technology
Award Type
Certificate of Completion
03/19, 09/19, 03/20, 09/20
Anticipated Graduates
Michael Mitchell
Designed to provide students with entry level manufacturing skills in composites and a foundation to pursue other certificates and degrees within the manufacturing industry.
Skill Sets
  • Demonstrate an understanding of composite terminology with the ability to define, utilize and explain composite terminology.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of safety rules for equipment in composites laboratory.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of composite builds by evaluating composite builds completed in class, recognizing basic materials used for vacuum bagging by identification, identify machining pugs and molds by evaluating lab built tools.
  • Demonstrate an understanding/ability to schedule a project over 5 weeks.
  • Understand and perform common assembly techniques and bonded assembly manufacturing techniques.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of machining plugs and molds by evaluating a tool built in lab.
  • Understand matrix materials, resins and fiber reinforcements; basic design considerations for composite structures and the unique properties of composite reinforcement fibers.
  • Understand and identify cure profiles and demonstrate the ability to build a composite project.
  • Participate in and contribute to the effectiveness of teams.
  • Use basic communication skills (writing, reading, speaking, listening and computing) to meet the needs of the workplace.
  • Gather, interpret, and use data consistently and accurately to make decisions and take actions.

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