ROMAC Industrial Electronics Published: August 2, 2017
Job Type


First level of process machine operation; highly repetitive machine or process operation following prescribed routine or where the method of operation is obvious. The job typically requires the ability to follow demonstrated steps and perform simple adjusting to produce to a general specification, or equivalent. Work typically involves operation of machinery or equipment that is unique to the application and does not require formal training in a trade. All instructions are provided on the job. Work may involve frequent handling of moderate to heavy materials and may include walking or standing most of the time. Pay is $13.00/hour.


1. Understand and decipher part numbers.

2. Follow work instructions, drawings, established quality standards, and established safety protocols.

3. Must meet defined production expectations for an inexperienced operator.

4. Learn to differentiate between the different sizes of subcomponents and finished products and their various types of compounds and finishes.

5. Learn how to load and unload subcomponents using material handling tools and equipment.

6. Inspect each subcomponent for proper materials, dimensions, and finishes to meet quality standards.

7. Perform accurate and timely computer transactions.

8. Coordinate delivery to ensure production schedule is met.

9. Meet all company work schedule and attendance expectations, and perform within the physical and environmental demands of the job.



1. Alert Lead, Assistant Supervisor, Supervisor, or Manager to material shortages, quality or safety issues.

2. Run dispatch list.

3. Keep work area clean and organized.

4. Participate in process improvement events, as directed.

5. Perform required operator maintenance.

6. Assist with other functions within the department, as directed.

7. Assist other departments with various duties and projects, as directed.

8. Attend required meetings.

9. Participate in physical inventories.

10. Perform safety audits.

11. May inspect and test completed product.

12. Carefully label parts with date, material type, size, part number, and or job number.

13. Learn how to cut, bend, roll, or press to size and “kit” materials together for delivery to appropriate production area.

14. If the incumbent is a member of one of Romac’s environmental safety teams, the role may also include the following:
a. Inspect machine daily for leaks
b. Report leaking machines to Supervisor
c. Absorb spills and deposits absorbents
d. Prepare DW for disposal
e. Receive annual spill response training



1. High School degree or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience

2. Understand oral and written instructions

3. Learn to run Excel data bar and read spreadsheet

4. Possess effective written and verbal communication skills

5. Can effectively read and write

6. Have basic math skills

7. Possess very basic computer skills

8. Ability to count accurately

9. Can read a tape measure

10. Ability to use job specific tools such as thickness or radius gauges

11. Ability to use electronic scale



1. 6+ months of prior experience in manufacturing

2. Operate an overhead crane/hoist

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