Shoreline Community College Published: February 26, 2020
Shoreline, Washington
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Shoreline Community College welcomes faculty with a vision of excellence in instruction and an ability to employ various formats and styles in support of successful student learning. Shoreline seeks faculty who can adapt to a variety of teaching situations and who have the ability to work effectively with students, colleagues, staff and others in a campus climate that promotes cultural diversity and multicultural understanding.

Instructors teach college-level courses to transfer and vocational students. They also contribute to the department's efforts to improve student retention and success. Opportunities are available for teaching in learning communities, online, and in other non-traditional learning environments. In addition to teaching, this position may involve developing programs and curricula and participating in college governance, department/division, and other campus-related professional activities.

Shoreline Community College is expanding the Machine Maintenance Mechatronics (MTX) offerings, so that it can better support the needs of the local community and greater region at large.  This is an in-demand career field and our program provides unique opportunities to students looking to gain the skills needed to be successful and competitive in the workforce.  We are looking for a collaborative team member to contribute our efforts as we strive to be the best program in the region.  Machine Maintenance Mechatronics is part of the STEM Division and the position will begin Summer Quarter 2018.


  • Instruct students by lecturing, demonstrating, and using audio/visual aids and other materials to supplement presentations
  • Foster a learning environment that is conducive to student success
  • Demonstrate lab techniques and provide a thorough overview of safe work habits.
  • Evaluate and assess student performance
  • Assist students in program planning and course advisement, making referrals when additional resources/information are needed
  • Maintain scheduled office hours for contact with students
  • Remain current with subject-matter (e.g. hydraulic, mechanical, pneumatic, and electrical energies), instructional methodology, and other emerging trends within machine maintenance and repair
  • Other duties as assigned of a similar nature/level

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