Bridgeways Published: October 26, 2017
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Bridgeways is seeking experienced Manufacturing Worker’s to perform repetitive bench or line assembly operations to mass-produce products with a defined level of complexity. Examples of operations may include: complex rivet & hilock operations; countersinking, hands on match drilling, deburring, crimping and quality control inspection using production work orders, blueprints and technical drawings

Required Skills: Demonstrated understanding of blueprints, tech drawings, production orders, templates and other specs. Ability to layout operations with minimal assistance; collect, separate, dispose, handle materials per specs. Experienced with hands on match drilling, deburring, utilizing fixtures and riveting. Ability to use various hand tools, i.e., ball gauges, calipers, complex air tools, pneumatic tools, rivet guns, hand drills, countersinking devices, winslow, microshaver, etc. At least 2 years experience in Manufacturing and Mechanical Assembly. HS diploma or equivalent.

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