Romac Industries, Inc. Published: January 15, 2018
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Under limited supervision, safely performs complex machining operations in support of production operations or job shop machining. Operates various types of machine tools and performs progressive machining operations for metal parts, tools, and machines with close tolerances or high finish requirements. Fits and assembles where necessary, using machinists' hand tools and measuring instruments. Has familiarity with working properties of various materials. May program Fanuc and Okuma CNC machines in the course of making parts.


1. Works closely with Engineering to conceptualize the development and configuration of new production and solve technical problems.

2. Interprets complicated specifications such as blueprints, drawings, and sketches to determine the best approach for machining, assembly, and sequence of operations to machine components and/or assemblies.

3. Operates and performs set-ups of machining equipment including lathes, milling machines, precision surface grinders, drills, presses, and cutoff equipment to accomplish tasks.

4. Uses expertise of production methods, limitations, available equipment, and requirements of various materials to conceptualize tooling and select proper machines, feed rates, and cutting speeds.

5. Uses sole discretion to calculate machining dimensionals based on finished part requirements.

6. Performs preparation, positioning set-up, and layout of raw stock.

7. Maintains production readiness of existing production equipment and tooling.

8. Produces parts to exacting tolerances with precision fits, and validates these to the established requirements. Verifies dimensional accuracy, alignments and clearances of finished parts.

9. Supports ongoing operation of equipment, dies, fixtures, and tooling by bringing wear items back into to tolerance, custom making unavailable parts, and repairing damaged components.

10. Meets all company work schedule and attendance expectations, and performs within the physical and environmental demands of the job.


1. Estimates time to completion, records costs, and tracks job progress.

2. Performs maintenance on all shop equipment to keep machines in safe and good condition.

3. Communicates Heat Treating requirements to OSP and validates finished parts to specifications.


1. High School Diploma or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience

2. 5+ years of experience as a Tool & Die Machinist

3. Able to work successfully without supervision

4. Practices safe work habits and follows safety guidelines

5. Advanced competency with reading sketches and blueprints

6. Advanced competency with planning sequence of operations to complete projects

7. Able to successfully work with other departments and communicate effectively

8. Able to successfully run drill presses, lathe machines, milling machines, precision surface grinders, cutoff equipment, and hydraulic presses

9. Have available personal hand tools required to perform job function


1. Completion of a formal apprenticeship

2. Working knowledge of Heat Treating to specific requirements

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