Romac Industries, Inc. Published: August 30, 2017
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Under the guidance of the Assistant Site Manager, the Environmental & Safety Technician will inspect work areas and the functionality of equipment to ensure compliance with company, state, and federal safety policies and regulations, and also monitor all environmental rules and regulations Responsibilities also include documenting safety inspections, citing deficiencies, and recommending corrective action(s). Orders and maintains safety equipment supply and availability. Has direct knowledge of and experience working in this or similar field, including commonly-used concepts, practices, and procedures. Identification of hazardous substances, proper usage, storage, and disposal. Also has thorough knowledge of associated Federal, State, County, and local environmental regulations/requirements and capable of completing all necessary reporting.


1. Plan, organize, schedule, and conduct inspections of facilities, work areas and equipment.

2. Monitor site conditions, practices, and procedures for compliance with health and safety requirements. Select and implement corrective action and follows-up to ensure proper action has been taken.

3. Record data and compile it into statistical analyses and reports to share with upper management.

4. Operate, maintain, certify, inspect, calibrate, and oversee installation of safety equipment.

5. Oversee the collection, packaging, testing, storing, transporting and/or disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials and/or waste.

6. Attend and participate in professional and committee meetings related to health and safety issues.

7. Serve as a principal source of information on health and safety issues. Assist with the development and administration of programs, reports, training, and employee seminars.

8. Create and teach a variety of safety and health topics to employees and others.

9. Demonstrate safe work practices to set example to others.

10. Meet all company work schedule and attendance expectations, and perform within the physical and environmental demands of the job.

11. Monitor environmental related waste streams from Sultan and Bothell locations and facilitate the required reporting and appropriate disposal of wastes.


1. Perform additional functions to health and safety activities.

2. Perform laboratory techniques on sample materials.

3. May assist in the mitigation of hazardous material incidents.

4. Order material and supplies.

5. Perform routine biological, chemical and radiation surveys/sampling for exposure potential and regulatory compliance. Prepare and submit detailed reports to department managers for corrective action to be taken or maintenance to be performed. Follow-up to ensure proper action has been taken.

6. Participate on and/or lead one or more of Romac’s environmental safety teams..


1. Bachelor’s degree in safety, health, and/or related field or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience

2. 2+ years of experience in a similar role

3. Knowledge of City, State, and Federal Occupational regulations, policies, and procedures.

4. Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing

5. Strong organization skills and attention to detail

6. Strong computer skills, including Microsoft Office

7. Comfortable speaking in front of large groups

8. Must be able to work independently and in a team environment


1. Direct experience in similar manufacturing environment, including foundry background

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