OSW Equipment & Repair, LLC Published: October 13, 2017


The Engineering Associate / Drafter will prepare drawings and related technical information, in support of engineering and materials.  Work may include: creating new prints off of existing models, making modifications to models and prints to reflect approved engineering changes, identifying differences between manufactured product and design prints/models, evaluating tolerance stacks of components within an assembly, and modifying existing models/prints to meet new format standards.


Essential Functions


  • Responsible for updating and creating 3D detailed drawings using Solid Works – developing prototypes and production designs for dump truck bodies, flatbeds, water tanks and other construction industry equipment.
  • Transform concept drawings into finish product design along with contributing design modifications to improve quality of product and help to facilitate manufacturing operations.
  • Work closely with shop manager, sales force and customers to achieve desirable solutions for installations and finished products.
  • Review, develop and or modify mechanical, electrical, or other technical drawings utilizing Solidworks.
  • Maintain configuration control over drawing archives.
  • Review drawings against source documentation or product baselines to ensure accuracy.
  • Verify tolerance stack up of multi component assemblies (manufacturing tolerances as well as design tolerances).
  • Create 3D models of designs using Solidworks.
  • Create mockups to test form, fit and function.
  • Create and maintain drawing standards and documentation.
  • Assist in maintenance and continuing refinement of Solidworks drawings.
  • Create instructions for use by shop personnel.
  • Complete documentation packages and produce drawing sets.
  • Other duties as assigned.


Knowledge, Skill and Abilities


  • Must have a minimum of three years of Solidworks experience.
  • Proficient with MS Office suite.
  • Excellent verbal and written skills.
  • Ability to take accurate measurements with calipers, height gauge, outside diameter tape, micrometers, and other measuring tools.
  • Knowledge of basic machining processes and constraints (e.g., what can be made on a mill, lathe, 3D printed, etc.)
  • Utilize the weldments, assemblies, drawing, and configurations functions within Solidworks.
  • Candidate willing to learn and make use of new engineering processes and techniques along with being resourceful in solving complex technical problems.