Cactus Communications Published: July 31, 2018


Cactus Communications is a leading provider of scientific communication services to more than 198,000 clients across 116 countries.

We engage a team of highly skilled editors who are experts in various academic fields. CACTUS is honoured to be ranked 12th (after a screening of more than 47,000 companies) on the 2017 list of Top 100 Companies for Remote/Freelance Jobs (Forbes article).

We are currently looking to hire editors on a contractual work-from-home basis in the Physical Sciences.

Editors typically devote six to eight hours a day.


  • You can telecommute from anywhere. You will also have the flexibility to keep your own work hours as long as you meet the deadlines.
  • Assured volume of work. You will receive a considerable amount of work, and accordingly, you can be assured of a predictable income from CACTUS each month. You can choose to do from 60,000 words to more than 120,000 words.
  • You will develop an understanding of the finer points of editing.
  • You will have access to articles on the latest industry trends and publication and writing tips on our learning and discussion platform.
  • You will gain an inside view into research carried out worldwide.
  • You have the potential to earn above USD 3000 per month.


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Responsibilities and Duties


  • Edit manuscripts such that the final text is in standard scientific English and is free of unclear or unidiomatic sentences
  • Adhere to job-specific guidelines and format manuscripts according to the target journal when required
  • Understand client and industry requirements and adapt your working approach accordingly
  • Meet deadlines (which are driven by client deadlines)

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications

What you need

  • A Post Doc/PhD/Masters/Bachelors degree or expertise in one or more specialized subject areas in Physical Sciences
  • Excellent editing skills and attention to detail (prior editing experience would be great)

*Detailed subject-area list

  • Physical sciences:Engineering (all disciplines), Robotics, Automobile Engineering, Controls and Systems, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, Wireless Communication, Nuclear Physics, Analytical Chemistry, Physical/ Computational Chemistry, General Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Nanochemistry, Materials Science, Metallurgy, Alloys, Nanomaterials, Ceramics/Glass, Materials Engineering, Engineering, Ceramics, Glass, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Optics

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