Janicki Industries Published: February 21, 2020
Hamilton, Washington
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The Quality Analyst reports to the Quality Assurance Manager and assists in the operation of the many facets of the Quality Organization. Compiles data for management decision makers, trains co-workers in the QMS, participates in and manages the Corrective Action and Nonconformance processes, conducts contract reviews, works with program teams on quality metrics, participates in the internal audit program, improvement initiatives and QMS document control process.



  • Retrieves, reviews and analyzes QA data
  • Collects and produces written documentation for reporting findings
  • Performs trend analysis, and identifies quality improvement opportunities
  • Completes reports and presents statistical analysis and findings
  • Monitors the application of improvement initiatives
  • Works with Process & Program owners to prepare, analyze and improve quality metrics for Management & Program Reviews
  • Provides feedback to both management and employees on the quality of work
  • Writes, revises, and verifies quality standards
  • Reviews new or modified documents, procedures, diagram, and/or flow charts, to determine if they will perform according to user request and conform to contractual, Aerospace or QMS requirements
  • Participates in committees as needed
  • Participates in contract reviews; document and disseminate information gleaned to pertinent parties
  • Researches best practices to impact quality improvement initiatives and utilization standards
  • Identifies and recommends procedures and workflow improvements
  • Works with others to develop and streamline work flows
  • Collects, and assists with, developing and analyzing quality measurement data
  • Provides training to enable employees to meet consistent quality standards
  • Participates in internal, regulatory and customer audits
  • Manages the Corrective Action process; Initiates and tracks CA’s, Facilitates others with their CA activities, Trains personnel in Root Cause analysis, Monitors program performance after implementation to prevent reoccurrence of problems
  • Manages Nonconformance process performance; facilitates and trains others with their NCR activities, Works with Program Teams to trend NCR’s and implement improvements to prevent their reoccurrence
  • Participates and /or leads appropriate project work
  • Performs inspection activities as needed, using common hand tools, drawings, CAD models, etc. These may be Receiving, In-Process, Source, or Final
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Behavior: The incumbent must work well under pressure, meeting and completing multiple deadlines
  • The incumbent shall, at all times, demonstrate cooperative behavior with colleagues and supervisors


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