Janicki Industries/Hamilton Published: February 27, 2020
Hamilton, Washington
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The NDI Level II Technician performs calibrations, testing, and evaluations for acceptance or rejection determinations according to written instructions and record results. Level II Technicians are qualified to set up and calibrate equipment and to interpret and evaluate results with respect to applicable codes, standards, and specifications. Level II Technicians are thoroughly familiar with the scope and limitations of the method of NDT being used and should exercise assigned responsibility for on-the-job training and guidance of Assistants and Level I Technicians. Level II Technicians organize and report results of NDT.


Candidate needs to meet minimum requirements of NAS410 but does not need to be certified to NAS410


The NDE Level II performs the following duties:

  • Set up and calibrate nondestructive testing
  • Conduct tests to ensure quality or detect discontinuities (defects) using NDT methods of inspection using A-scan, B-scan and C-scan Methods.
  • Establish techniques for proper examination of objects under inspection, ensuring strict adherence to safety
  • Apply testing criteria in accordance with applicable specifications or standards and evaluate results.
  • Organize and report test
  • Perform specialized
  • May instruct and supervise
  • Perform other job related tasks as assigned by
  • Interface daily with management about work priorities and progress of projects
  • Work closely with management to identify and remove obstacles
  • Actively participate in client safety initiatives, incident investigations,


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