Romac Industries, Inc. Published: December 14, 2017
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Plan and perform installation and maintenance of a variety of electrical equipment such as control panels, switchboards, junction boxes, switches, etc. Connect and disconnect electric powered machines; repair motors and generators; replace fuses and set circuit breakers on high and low tension circuits. Diagnose electrical trouble. Use hand and power tools. Work from wiring diagrams. Planning may involve determination of method and sequence of operation and selection of materials to be used. Work independently and may provide direction to an assistant or to less experienced electricians. Works under L&I permits, where required.

Essential Functions 

1. Layout, install, and maintain a wide variety of electrical equipment, including: motors, motor generator sets, rectifiers, transformers, alarm and communication systems, machine and process controls, relays, circuit breakers, and electronic devices.

2. Install power, light, electronic, and control circuits and apparatus; establish secondary distribution centers, balance loads, and wire complicated circuits with a large number of connections.

3. Diagnose, troubleshoot, and replace or repair parts.

4. Program and maintain programmable logic controller based equipment.

5. Perform all three phase work and single phase work.

6. Understand and follow all safety rules and guidelines.

7. Meet all company work schedule and attendance expectations, and perform within the physical and environmental demands of the job.

Additional Job Responsibilities

1. Able to supervise and train others.

2. Maintain strict documentation of all plant electrical circuitry.

Minimum Qualifications

1. High School Diploma or an equivalent combination of education, training, and experience

2. 5+ years of experience in industrial electrician field

3. Able to correctly size/engineer electrical circuits to current NEC codes

4. Forklift certification

5. Understanding of computer programs: Oracle, Excel, Word and Maximo

6. Licenses and certifications for electrical certification required

7. Have personal hand tools required to perform job function

8. Troubleshooting and repair of mechanical machinery, processes and facilities

9. Troubleshooting and repair of hydraulic machinery and systems

10. Troubleshooting and repair of pneumatic machinery and systems

11. Metal fabrication (design, layout, cutting, and welding multiple material types

12. Reading and understanding of documents, blueprints and electrical schematics

13. Precision measurement using micrometers, snap gauges, calipers and rulers

14. All areas of construction in wood, masonry, and metal

15. Operation and maintenance of all machines, processes and facilities

16. Communication, written, verbal and able to express complex concepts and ideas

17. Able to efficiently perform research in all areas of scope

18. Math skills and concepts required to meet scope of work

Additional Preferred Qualifications

1. Driver's license

2. Lift truck license

3. Fall protection


5. CPR and first aid certification

6. Confined space

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