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A manufacturing company that can rapidly adapt to changing technology and best practices may be considered “smart” manufacturing.



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Smart Manufacturing

Average Salary for Rapid Prototype Developer


Rapid technological advancement in a relatively short period of time has greatly influenced the manufacturing floor. Adding robots, high-tech CNC machining systems, and automated production lines has created a need to support Smart Manufacturing.

The ability for a company to be adaptable, technical and responsive is critical to the success of today’s manufacturer. Systems development that provides metrics to administrators can influence the product life cycle. Additions like rapid prototyping and shortened estimating times, ¬†due to technology, is changing the timeline for delivery. Additionally, computer software can shorten the design process and more advanced techniques can test the product before it’s produced. This is a time and cost savings.

Smart Manufacturing requires people who are both technical and mechanical. Those that can interpret reports and forecasts and put production to work.

Whether it evolved out of competition, or technology, Smart Manufacturing is here to stay.

Job Titles to Research

  • Rapid Prototype Developer
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Mechanical Design Engineer
  • Integration Architect
  • Tool & Model Maker
  • CATIA V5 Designer