Brief Intro:

NextGen is the short term used to describe the modernization of the Next Generation of Air Transportation. In many government agencies, and commercial enterprises the term NextGen means the computerization of air traffic control and flight to create efficiency.



Washington has 34 Community and Technical Colleges. Many have options for this type of program.

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NextGen Air Transport

NextGen Analyst average salary


The change from a radio communication system to satellite-based is a big one. Many of the jobs in this field have the title of “analyst” meaning that there is much investigation to be done to make it happen. The system has been slow-to-move, but there is much to be gained with the implementation of better, more modern systems.

NextGen is the immediate future, and the training has begun to ramp up the multitude of roles to support this effort. Many jobs are with the FAA as the apparent lead agency to implement these changes.

Overall, NextGen means time and cost savings for airlines and their customers. It also means an increase in safety for all aircraft, and more autonomy for pilots.

Job Titles to Research

  • NextGen Program Analyst
  • Senior Aviation Analyst
  • System Engineer
  • Supervisory Aviation Technical System Specialist
  • Aviation Systems Analyst
  • Aviation Project Manager
  • Air Traffic Management SME / Analyst
  • Aviation Project Manager