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The term avionics is a blended word from the terms aviation and electronics. It includes interaction with virtually every individual system on an aircraft to make it run from lighting to complex computer functions.



Washington has 34 Community and Technical Colleges. Many have options for this type of program.

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Avionics are generally in the cockpit area of the aircraft. These systems control all communications, landing, safety, and flight. They are complex and need skilled personnel to maintain and repair. There are many top companies in the United States that make the original parts in the avionics system in aircraft.

Silicon Forest Electronics out of Vancouver, WA develops circuit boards that operate the functioning overhead fans, as an example. Cockpits have grown more compact, and the need for increased computers has complicated avionics systems and their maintenance.

Many people train in avionics in the military, but there are civilian programs available as well.


Job Titles to Research

  • Avionics Technician
  • Avionics Electrical Technician
  • Avionics Hardware Documentation Specialist
  • SCA Electronics Technician