The aerospace manufacturing industry is rapidly evolving. Here are some of the newest technologies. These technologies need trained personnel to manage each function.
Fly-by-Wire cockpit image


In an airplane, there are digital and analog controls. The Fly-by-wire concept provides more modern, lighter-weight digital controls to pilots using computer software.
Avionics image


The term avionics is a blended word from the terms aviation and electronics. It includes interaction with virtually every individual system on an aircraft to make it run from lighting to complex computer functions.
smart manufacturing image

Smart Manufacturing

Adaptable, flexible and connected is how today’s smart manufacturing is defined.
next gen air transportation image

NextGen Air Transport

NextGen is the short term used to describe the modernization of the Next Generation of Air Transportation.
Robotic image

Automation & Robotics

Mechatronics is the buzzword in automated manufacturing. It is the maintenance and repair of complex systems, like robots, on the manufacturing floor.