Sue Bradshaw of the COE attended the PNAA Conference in Lynnwood mid-month. The primary take-away is that the aerospace industry is going strong and will be for years to come in Washington State.

Richard Aboulafia, Vice President of the TEAL Group once again gave his Commercial Aerospace Forecast Outlook to open up Wednesday’s session.  He said, that we are currently experiencing an 11 year super-cycle in commercial jet development – much longer than the average 4-5 year cycle.  The duopoly of Airbus and Boeing continues, continuing to create high barriers to other companies interested in entering the commercial aircraft business; they are dominating all commercial aircraft development.

Boeing Update:  723 deliveries for Boeing last year, number continues to grow and is expected to be that high if not higher in the foreseeable future;  in 2011 production rates were running 44 planes a month, 2014 saw a production rate of 64 a month, and the prediction is that by 2018 the production rate will be approximately 71 a month.